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Hey Friends! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Ashley, and I am the over caffeinated, music and movie loving, horror obsessed, mom of four behind the lens for Little Fox Photography and this is my mini crew.

I would love to say "I picked up a camera one day and I was just so talented that a business took off out of nowhere" but that is not even close to being true. I started photography because I wanted to be able to take pictures of my own children growing up and the truth is that I was crazy terrified to turn it into a business photographing other people. It was actually my mom that one day (completely against my scaredy-cat wishes) posted to Facebook that I was offering sessions, and to my surprise, I had bookings. I was shocked but so excited and from there- I started growing and I have no interest in stopping.

I have spent nearly a full decade learning my camera, studying about lighting, practicing for countless hours on shooting/editing, investing thousands of dollars in equipment, education, backdrops, software, etc. to grow into the photographer that I am today. Since then, I have photographed Weddings, Baptisms, Events, Cake Smashes, Newborns, Seniors, Families and more. Now, I am just as obsessed with capturing memories for others as I am my own. Creating an experience that is both fun and professional is key, because after all, we are creating memories, not just photographs.

See ya on the click side.


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