Many people ask when inquiring, how does this all work? So, I want to take you through the steps with a little more detail so you can fully appreciate what the process of booking a portrait session with me looks like from beginning to end.

1. The Consultation

This is the first official step of the process, at this point you have already inquired about a session, and I have asked you a few questions about your vision for your portraits. I take my notes and we schedule your FREE consultation. This is done in person usually within a week of your inquiry. I do these consultations in person so that you can see, touch, and visualize your own portraits on each of the gorgeous products I have to offer you. I offer only the highest quality heirloom wall art, canvases, albums, and museum archival portrait boxes. We also discuss pricing, payment plans, collections and all of the bonus perks. If you decide that you love what you see (which you will) then we can select your date and you will book on the spot. Once your booking is complete, we continue to discuss your vision and plan out all of the details to turn it into the art it will become. If you're not quite sure of your vision, don't worry that is what I am here for. I will guide you to choose everything from the perfect location to the best timeless colors for your wardrobe. Need to discuss all of the options with your partner? I've got you covered. You will leave with a folder of information that includes everything we have discussed during your consultation.

3. The Photoshoot

Ah, Yess! One of my absolute favorite parts of the entire experience. Don't be afraid to go all out and get glam. Mom's get your hair and make-up done, everyone get haircuts (at least 5-7 days prior), get your nails done, tan, do whatever you need to do to feel pampered and to take some of the work off of yourselves. These portraits are meant to last a lifetime, they will be on your walls for years to come, and you want your best look to showcase to family and friends. The photoshoot will last typically about an hour- depending on the location and type of session. Make sure children are fed beforehand or at the very least given a snack so they aren't grumpy. We meet at the chosen location and find the best spot to get started. Your portrait session will include many poses- both posed and candid- as we move around to different areas. As we travel through the location, if you see a spot you love, shout it out. Want a special pose? Great. I love taking on new ideas or turning something that you have seen and loved into something all your own. You can bring whatever items you'd like to your session, anything that shows who you are at the time. Maybe, you're a family that loves picnics and board games, awesome, let's show that. Maybe you all love soccer, perfect, bring a ball, playful candid shots are often the most loved of the entire session. This part is ALL ABOUT YOU!! We will have a great time.

3. Editing

I think I enjoy the editing part the most myself. Not because I get to sit at home and binge watch new tv shows while I, but because I absolutely love turning a picture into art. We have planned it all out, and now I get to play with your images to make them pop, shine, and awe. All editing includes complimentary color and tone adjustments, blemish fixes, and portrait editing to make your images the best that they can be. This process usually takes about 7-10 days, once completed I will contact you to schedule your reveal appointment. This is done within the week of completion.





4. Reveal/Ordering Appointment

I have said that the photoshoot and editing are my favorite steps, but the reveal is going to be YOUR favorite. This is when we will review your edited images together for you to choose your absolute favorites to purchase in a collection, on wall art, an album, or on a canvas. We go through all of the gallery once for you to just take it all in. (Grab a tissue, there might be tears) Then the second time through, we make notes of which you love the most and from there I will guide you on your selections and through building out what you'd like to purchase. Once, all of your selections are made, your order will be completed. All sales are final at the reveal appointment. If a payment plan is needed, that option will be available to you. Each print you purchase includes the complimentary digital to match, sent to you in an online gallery.

5. Product Delivery

All orders are delivered to me, so that I can quality check every item and bag in into the gift bags and boxes. Once I know everything is perfect, I will contact you to schedule a pick-up.

6. The Pick-up

This is the easiest part; your order is in and ready to pick-up. This only takes about 5-10 minutes. When you arrive, we look at all of the ordered items. Everything is gift bagged up for you to take home and includes a card with care instructions for your items. Now, all that is left is to take your gorgeous new items home and show them off to everyone you know.


See ya on the click side ;)